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Bad Beat - Now Shy

You can read the gory details here.

I still have money in my account and I am not in trouble, but I have gone shy I know it, and just seemed to have immersed myself into reading poker books and figuring out why I sucked. How do you guys get over the bad beat and get back into the game
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Unfortunately, you only get used to them through sheer repitition. They are a very annoying part of the game.
You get used to it, sort of. A couple of things to think about are 1) drop down in stakes so less of your bankroll is at risk. This is the nice thing about online, you can go all the way down to .01/.02. Then when you get bad beat it won't effect you as much. 2) Flopping a set and losing to an open ended straight draw that gets there isn't that much of a bad beat (it's going to happen about once ever 3-4 times you have a set and someone else has an open ended straight draw). One of the downsides (and upsides) of pot limit is the worst odds you can give someone is 2:1 on their call, so it can be tough to push someone out of the pot when they have a strong draw like an open ender or a flush draw.
This is going to sound trite, but the way I deal with it is by realizing that if nobody _ever_ sucks out on me, that's like I put a bad beat on the field myself.

I mean, if I win 10 straight hands where I'm a 75% favorite, there's only a 5% chance of that happening- about as likely as someone hitting a 2-outer against me.

So what I have to do is realize that "getting lucky" means more than sucking out against my trips. It also means my trips holding up "all the time", even though I think they should..