Blog of Poker Player Jack Mosey (Mozeon) (myauntjemima) wrote in pokertalk,
Blog of Poker Player Jack Mosey (Mozeon)

Interesting hand from Casino Montreal

I posted this hand on my blog too, but figured it might get some interest in this community.  To preface the hand, I am an online pro who occasionally plays live at Casino Montreal.  In this hand I was playing 2/5 NL.

I had just sat down and only seen two hands.  In both, a middle-aged big stack sitting across from me had cold-called raises preflop.  I pick up KK in mid-position and raise to 25, it folds to the middle-aged man who flats from the small blind.  We're heads up to the flop which comes A-J-6 rainbow.  The villain checks and I c-bet $40.  He flats again.  The turn is a queen.  He checks, I check behind.  River is a meaningless 4.  He leads with a $60 bet.  What now?
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