Farmer Ted (darness) wrote in pokertalk,
Farmer Ted

how would you play this hand?

Just curious what others would do -- I'm still learning the ins and outs of the game:

I was at the final table of a tournament tonight, blinds were 800/1600, action folded to me, I had pocket queens, I bet 4000. Big blind called, we were the only two in the hand. Flop was 3-10-A rainbow. I checked to her, she bet 5000, I went all in. She had one ace in her hand and won.

Should I have been more aggressive pre-flop? Should I have folded post-flop after her bet, assuming she must have had an ace? Or was it good to go in and play it out? Looking to become a better player and realized I probably could have done a few things differently on this hand.

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