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Just for Kicks

Hi everyone :

It was a pleasure meeting some of you on Pokerstars last week.  In light of this I figured I'd come out of lurking and make a post.  

I've played for years with my own family but have only recently started to play for minor stakes at casinos and online.  (1/2 NL at casinos, Microstakes online.)   An early christmas landed me at 3rd and 1st on 2.20 buyin multitable tournaments, and I've taken the unexpected boost to my online bankroll for a ride.   2000 hands later (hey, I'm only a weekend player k?) I've tried out multi-table play, HORSE, and Badugi.  I've also taken a liking to the pacing of 5/10 Limit 6-Max.
Just for fun here are a few hands I played recently that I posted to  Please feel free to examine and critique my play.  Missteps?  Crazy?  Solid?  Nowhere near enough information?   Curious cats are waiting to be evicerated.  :)

Hand 1 : A recent hand where I sat down at the 5/10 Limit table and landed KK on the Big Blind, and flopped top set.  (Very lucky, I know.)  In the face of aggression the first to act after big blind keeps reraising me.  Am I missing something, or was the opponent totally insane?

Hand 2 : Same table, subsequent hand where I flop top pair and improve to two pair on the turn flop two pair.  Note : I didn't think the opponent had their flush. How was my play here?

Hand 3 : Another night, where I was playing for a top flush draw and being a bit aggressive.  The flop gives me top flush, but the board being paired and the opponent's betting makes me think the pair gave him a full house.  I turned out to be right.  Should I have gone to the river?  Was my final check / call worthwhile or should I have not even bothered?

Hand 4 : Heads up play, this is the final hand in one of the tournaments I took down.  It was late, I was playing aggressive and decided to chance ending the game on an open end straight draw.   Good move, or a tad aggressive/chancy?

Look forward to playing at a table with all of you!  :)

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