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Super Aggressive Online

I know this sounds a little weird, but from a tactics point of view I need to know.

Twice online this past weekend at FTP, I was playing Shootout Free Rolls and ran across Super Aggressive players, the kind that would go in on every draw pre-flop, no matter what. Now over the last month or two I have learned to be patient, you know, wait it out and be prepared to fold the hand, but seriously one guy was eating heavily into my chips until a pocket As chopped one of his legs out and AJ in the next hand took him down.

I thought this was a rather stupid strategy but after 20 hands of folding I was seriously panicking and contemplating just tossing it out there to see if I could catch. ( I should add I didn't get an A with a decent kicker once in those 20 hands either A2 which I am crap at playing, or A4)

- Have you guys run across this kind of play before?
- Have you tried it? Does it work?
- Is it a viable strategy?, a newbie tactic?, or is it used just played out to weed out the low end tables?

I am very curious only because I have started changing my online play and it seems when I go aggressive I get whallopped, if I am patient I can win up to the high level shootouts, but then crash to aggressive people....meh still learning ;)
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Seems like I see one of these players every night lately. I haven't tried it, but I've watched the ones who do it and the almost always get taken down eventually. I try to focus on tight play and wait for a good opportunity--or switch to a different table if I find it particularly annoying.
Annoying?...make me hate humanity one fraction more at each hand. I guess its a tactic per se to steal the blinds and rattle the player into betting with a weak hand, but I am lost as to how this kind of tactic could get them up to the big tables

Sigh oh well, at least it isn't me, grit my teeth, smile, fold... :)
Pair it with the trash-talk that inevitably follows and it's enough to make one homicidal.

I don't play tournaments because I don't have the stamina, but it happens in the cash games, too--hence my comment about switching tables.

If you have 100 maniacs in a tournament, one or two will always end up being the lucky ones with a giant stack (see Jamie Gold).

Usually they will fall eventually since they won't often have the best hand when they are called.

And over 20 hands, you won't always get anything to play, that's normal.
Freerolls will always play pretty crazy so you have to be prepared for a crapshoot whenever you're in one. As ever, best strategy is ABC tournament stuff as set out in Harrington's book. Play tight, tight, tight until the blinds get big then push, push, push. And remember once you get down to around 10 big blinds you should be pushing all-in with a very wide range, and never flat-calling a raise.
I think your right about Free Rolls, there is so much less asshattery in full table SnGs even at low stakes, and those that blindly roll in on the first hand are duly eliminated by people holding better hands.

Probably why I like playing FreeRolls on multi tables drunk these days. No pain no gain :)

Thanks for the advice otherwise. Been a little frustrated of late because I am tight, but then when on the final three I am well short stacked to make a solid run. All part of the play I guess.
If you go with the philosophy that you should be more aggressive when the number of players are less than a full table, then heads up makes the typical maniac become overly stupid. What surprises me on the FTP heads up tournament is how passive some people play. I'm conservative in general, but not when I get heads up. The range of playable hands is just too broad. A-2 through A-9 are statistacally good hands pre-flop heads up so you should play them more aggressively - especially in the early rounds of a free roll when you haven't invested much time.


February 7 2009, 23:46:23 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  February 7 2009, 23:47:01 UTC

The thing is, that it is actually nearly impossible to outplay those crazy guys if you havent made your hand. So be patient. Your strategy should be to catch some decent hand and let them apply presseure on you. Let them make their move and let them bust themselves. Again, be patient, play only a limited number of starting hands. But on the other side play them aggresively, dont let your kings be called by five guys preflop. There are actually 2 positive sides of this strategy. You maximize your chances to get in the money and develop a tight image on the early stages, which will allow you to steal blinds and make moves in the late stages.