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Super Aggressive Online

I know this sounds a little weird, but from a tactics point of view I need to know.

Twice online this past weekend at FTP, I was playing Shootout Free Rolls and ran across Super Aggressive players, the kind that would go in on every draw pre-flop, no matter what. Now over the last month or two I have learned to be patient, you know, wait it out and be prepared to fold the hand, but seriously one guy was eating heavily into my chips until a pocket As chopped one of his legs out and AJ in the next hand took him down.

I thought this was a rather stupid strategy but after 20 hands of folding I was seriously panicking and contemplating just tossing it out there to see if I could catch. ( I should add I didn't get an A with a decent kicker once in those 20 hands either A2 which I am crap at playing, or A4)

- Have you guys run across this kind of play before?
- Have you tried it? Does it work?
- Is it a viable strategy?, a newbie tactic?, or is it used just played out to weed out the low end tables?

I am very curious only because I have started changing my online play and it seems when I go aggressive I get whallopped, if I am patient I can win up to the high level shootouts, but then crash to aggressive people....meh still learning ;)
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