Ron (ronsrants) wrote in pokertalk,

Early levels of donkaments

Having ignomiously just busted out of yet another donkament (freeroll this time) with KK, I wonder if these situation warrant larger than 3x raises.

I was UTG with KK and the level was 15/30.  I had around t2500 and my RHO (BB) had me well covered with around t4000.  I make the bet t90 and a middle-late position limps.  The BB completes.  The flop comes 679 rainbow. 

BB bets 1/4 pot, I raise it, limper folds, and BB re-raises.  I shove and he calls me down with 85o.  Feel free to critique my post-flop play all you want, but the object of me posting this bad beat story is to try and grok if it makes sense in these early level/early blind situations to make larger than normal raises with premium hands.  Or am I just reacting to the bad beat with a -EV idea?

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I usually raise to 4x in the early a freeroll I'd probably have raised more.

But if he's determined to play his 85o, I don't think you're lasting long anyway.
In freerolls, I try to push these guys all in because odds are that sometimes they *are* going to lose. I'd rather them experience the consequence of being a donkey, hopefully it will teach them to either play better or GTHO of the game. And freeroll, I don't have any of my own money at stake. If everyone folds when they push with crap like 85o, it just teaches them that such behavior gets rewarded, and they'll keep doing it.

Freerolls are ... different
I know how ya feel...I got A's cracked on draws twice the other night. In both cases, I pushed hard enough that a competent player would have laid down...

When people set their mind to playing garbage or against the odds, there's not much you can do about it except hope your hand holds up.
...BTW, mine was in a cash game, not a freeroll.