Ron (ronsrants) wrote in pokertalk,

Early levels of donkaments

Having ignomiously just busted out of yet another donkament (freeroll this time) with KK, I wonder if these situation warrant larger than 3x raises.

I was UTG with KK and the level was 15/30.  I had around t2500 and my RHO (BB) had me well covered with around t4000.  I make the bet t90 and a middle-late position limps.  The BB completes.  The flop comes 679 rainbow. 

BB bets 1/4 pot, I raise it, limper folds, and BB re-raises.  I shove and he calls me down with 85o.  Feel free to critique my post-flop play all you want, but the object of me posting this bad beat story is to try and grok if it makes sense in these early level/early blind situations to make larger than normal raises with premium hands.  Or am I just reacting to the bad beat with a -EV idea?

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