diamondave22 (diamondave22) wrote in pokertalk,

Poker Stars is out to get me

Anyone else ever feel this way? I've just started playing online at poker stars even though i've been playing poker for a few years now, I've had some pretty good success at live games but online is killing me. Just as an example this is what happend to me today.

I was playing in a 3.40 one table sit-n-go, the blinds were up to 75-150, I had 2600 in chips. I get pocket Ks in middle pos. and opened to 600. Player in seat next to me calls everyone else folds. The flop comes K, Q, 4 with two spades. Player checks, I go all in for my last 2000 (he had me covered). Player calls and shows Qs, 3h, long story short came runner runner spades to give him a flush and knock me out.

Then in the next tourney I played which happend to be a 2.40 2,000 guarantee, blinds were at 100-200 25 ante, I had about 1800 chips and I got Qs in late pos..Being short stacked I pushed all in and the one person that calls me (that only has about 200 more chips than me) shows 8, 3off, long story short he flops two pair and I'm done.

I know it seems like I'm just using this to rant about my bad beats but this seems to happen all the time on poker stars, there are many more examples I could give but I'll keep it to the two worst of the day.  Sometimes I think Poker Stars is out to get me.
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