Steve Reeves (temalyen) wrote in pokertalk,
Steve Reeves

Did I play this hand correctly?

Just had a hand... biggest single win ever... and am not sure I played it correctly. I was nervous because I was playing at a higher limit, .25/.50 NL, than I normally do. I tend to rarely go above .5/.10.

I'm on BB with $29 on the table. I get dealt Kings. Everyone else folds except two players. One calls, the other raises $2.50. I call, the other player folds. I'm acting first, of course. Flop comes out 2 5 6 rainbow. I figure the other guy's hand probably didn't improve either, so I bet $2. He raises to $8.50. Yikes. I almost fold, but something seems wrong. That raise is too big even if he hit trips. A straight seemed unlikely. I've been watching this guy play for a while and he isn't an idiot. He's trying to scare me out. I call.

Turn comes out J. All right, that may have improved his hand, may not have. However, I still think I have the best hand so I bet $3 in hopes of him folding. He calls. River is another Jack. Now I'm nervous he has trips. I think until my time is almost up. Statistically, I'm a huge favorite to win. Finally, I bet $4 in hopes of scaring him out again. He insta calls. I'm screwed, I think to myself. No, I'm not. He had 9's. I win a giant (for me) pot.

Despite the win, in retrospect, I think I played this hand all wrong. What would you have done in this situation?
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