The Bear's Den (labrown) wrote in pokertalk,
The Bear's Den

WILD hands

Saturday, I played two sessions, each about 5 hours long. Both were $.25/$.50 no limit holdem ring games.

First session was a $25 buyin and was 4 handed. First hand was see quad 9s. Less than 2 orbits later, we got royal flush. Within another 20 minutes we've seen another quads hand pops out. This is four handed play! Things slow down a bit after, that but we still see way too many strong hand over strong hand situations for 4 handed play, in my opinion. straights beaten by flushes repeated. Flushes crushed by full houses. It's crazy.

Second session starts out 6 handed, gets to 7 for a while before people start droppping out. It's a $40 buyin, same stakes. In this session we see 4 more quads come out and a straight flush. In 10 hours of play I saw quads 6 times, 1 royal flush, and 1 straight flush. Totally amazing.

Even more so, the majority of this good fortune landed on the shoulders of the same two people in both sessions. It was crazy. We were playing at a reasonable pace of hands/hour, but this seems like a rather rich reward of hands. :-)
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