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Poker Talk

The Friendly Poker Community

The LiveJournal Poker Community
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Anybody , Moderated
This is my attempt to create a poker community on LiveJournal that will promote better understanding of the game, information about the game, and our stories (good and bad), WITHOUT constant flame wars and snobbery.

All LJ users interested in poker are free to join, as long as you follow some simple rules:
1. Please do not start flame wars. You don't have to respond to threads/posters that you do not like.
2. Be nice to the newbies.
3. If you are a newbie, there are a lot of poker resources available on the Internet. Consider using Google before asking a question.
4. Do not make affliate/referral posts. This is the quickest route to being banned from the community.
5. Use common sense and keep posts here limited to stuff that would be likely to interest a poker player who doesn't know you. If your post would only be of interest to your friends and not the community as a whole, please make it in your personal LJ.

If you can't/won't follow these rules, don't post. I will delete threads/comment and ban users if they detract from the friendly nature of the community.